On November 28, the Council of Agriculture of Spain in China reported the completion and publication of the records of the kaki and citrus campaign, so exports to China can begin as soon as the campaign is enabled in the computer application Cexveg, so that export applications can be submitted.

"It is undoubtedly great news that the first shipments this season can already be made, although there will be difficulties, as many kaki plots have been affected by the wind. It would have been ideal for the fruit to have been shipped to China in early November," says Pascual Prats, president of the Spanish Kaki Association.

The kaki season has already passed its halfway point in Spain and is entering its last third with the harvest at a more advanced stage than usual, and expected to finish at the end of December. Although the beginning of the season was good agronomically and commercially, everything changed at the beginning of November, when blizzards hit the fields in the main producing areas.

"The impact of the blizzards in much of Spain has been decisive for the kaki campaign. Not only was fruit lost when it fell to the ground, but much of that which remained on the trees was damaged by branches due to the strong gusts of wind," said Pascual Prats.

"This has led to a considerable reduction in the volume of first-class fruit, a notable increase in the amount of discards and a market becoming saturated with second-class fruit, causing prices to plummet below profitable levels. The prices of first class fruit are good, but they do not make up for the loss of volumes and the increase in harvesting costs after the blizzard," said Pascual Prats.

"Moreover, the ripening has also accelerated and, with so many leaves having fallen, the trees lack the energy to allow the remaining fruit to continue growing larger," he says. "With earlier ripening, not as much fruit can be stored in chambers, so for the time being, the season will be shortened by a couple of weeks."

"Despite the difficulties this campaign, there are some companies with experience in long distance shipments which could make the first exports in the coming weeks," said the president of the Kaki Association.

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