"There's tension between buying and selling on the potato market," says Wim Tuinstra of the Dutch potato wholesaler of the same name. "Prices are rising because of the available supply, and sales have to, somehow, go along with that, but that doesn't happen by itself. The increase could well be too rapid for exporters."

"It's hard to purchase potatoes at present. Fortunately, we have plenty of fixed agreements with growers," Wim explains, "but that's not the case for everyone. Exports are busier than they've been, mainly with exports outside Europe."

"Also, the industry fixed many batches last year, so that's still going through so far. Prices for the French fry varieties vary considerably, from €0.15 to €0.28." As for the potatoes' quality, Wim has no complaints. "But I can imagine that will be a different story with the batches that have just been harvested," he concludes.

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