Following expectations of a glut of durians in three or four years’ time, the government of Johor will be setting up a durian collection center in Tangkak. The state government aims to increase durian production by 141,862 tons in 2027, with Tangkak being the district that produces most of the fruit.

State Agriculture, Agro-based Industry and Rural Development Committee chairman Datuk Zahari Sarip said a survey of the Johor Agriculture Department found an oversupply is expected to occur following large scale planting of durian by farmers in the last few years. If this oversupply materializes, the price of durians, including Musang Kings, will drop.

Datuk Zahari Sarip: “Based on a survey of the Johor Agriculture Department, we find the large-scale planting will lead to an excessive supply in the next three to four years. Therefore, when the mega farms start fruiting, the state government could store the fruits at the collection center.”

He said through the collection center, the durians will be frozen to be marketed during off-season.