In Bangladesh, nice profits are encouraging local farmers to cultivate off-season cabbage, cauliflower and tomato. The cultivation of vegetables outside the regular cropping calendar, when supply is low and prices are generally high, enables farmers to make a better profit amid an increased demand and provides consumers more choices.

Production of summer cabbage was 1,23,760 tons in 4,760 hectares of land, summer cauliflower 1,26,546 tons in 6,026 hectares of land, and summer tomatoes 16,675 tons in 725 hectares of land in FY24, according to Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE). Production of off-season vegetables in the country has been increasing steadily, if we compare this year’s production with that of the previous fiscal years. Off-season cabbage production was only 77,118 tons in FY21, around 96,502 tons in FY22, and 1,16,957 tons in FY23 in the country, according to the DAE.

The country’s farmers produced 59,657 tons of off-season cauliflowers in FY21, 65,997 tons in FY22, and around 1,28,020 tons in FY23. Tomato production in the off-season was 8,911 tons in FY21, 13,418 tons in FY22, and 15,413 tons in FY23 in the country.