Yesterday, the Indian government clarified onion consignments that have been handed over to the customs authorities and are registered in their systems before Oct. 29 can be exported until Nov. 30.

On Oct. 28, the government imposed a minimum export price (MEP) of $800 per ton until Dec. 31 this year with a view to increase availability of the vegetable in the domestic market and contain prices.

The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) stated: "Where [the] onion consignment has been handed over to the customs before Oct. 29, 2023... and is registered in their system/ where onions consignment has entered the customs station for exportation before this notification and is registered in the electronic systems of the concerned custodian of the customs station with verifiable evidence of date and time stamping of these commodities having entered the station prior to Oct. 29."

It added that the export duty paid before issuance of this notification would not be refunded.