The export of finger limes from Guatemala to Europe is about to come into a key part of its season. “We have very good fruit for this year-end campaign that we will start in a few days. Although we have fruit all year round, this is the season where there is the greatest demand,” says Edilson Hernández of Prime Tropics. The company is currently shipping to countries such as the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Germany.

In terms of varieties, Prime Tropics is working with its green and pink Citrus Caviar out of Guatemala, although in the same category, it’s also working with Bhudda’s Hand which is another exotic type of citrus. “In certain months of the year we compete with Morocco, Spain, the United States, France and Italy though the advantage we have is that we can supply volume at any time of the year,” says Hernández. “The season in Europe and Morocco is about to end, so we’re supplying a good part of the market at this time.”

Looking for new markets
Countries to ship to are something the grower-shipper is keeping a close eye on. “Our biggest challenge currently is to be able to enter new markets. We want to reach more people in countries in Europe and Asia that we know consume finger limes,” says Hernández

Indeed, in terms of demand, he says it’s good however there is also increased competition this year compared to previous years. “So we compete with quality and the freshness of our product,” he says, adding that it’s currently preparing for the Christmas pull for product. The company has also continued to grow its presence in supermarkets where it ships 40 and 200-gram clamshells as well as a one-kilogram clamshell. Its fruit is also certified by Global Gap and SMETA, and it doesn’t apply pesticides to its crops.

As for pricing, all of this means that the prices right now remain the same compared to last year. “However the market has become more demanding due to the growth in supply,” adds Hernández.

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