A striking picture: fruit and vegetables placed without packaging in a toilet and bidet and, to the side, the same packaged products. "Which ones would you choose if you had to eat them? This is the provoking image conjured by Rocco De Lucia, owner of the Siropack company, commenting on the Packaging Regulation that is about to be voted on at the European Environment Commission.

'We made this image,' says De Lucia, 'because this is what happens every day in supermarkets. People touch fruit and vegetables and you cannot know if their hands are clean or not. I have been travelling all over the world for 30 years and neither in Italy nor abroad do I see consumers using gloves. So fruit and vegetables without protection can be contaminated in all sorts of ways'.

"If until two years ago, in order to combat contagions from Coronavirus, Europe was deploying a gigantic shield made up of masks of all kinds and various vaccine doses, today the same Europe is advocating the abolition of plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables in our supermarkets, in favour of a return to bulk."

Rocco de Lucia and Barbara Burioli owners of Siropack

"The EU forgets that the introduction of packaging for agri-food products not only allowed an increase in shelf life and therefore a reduction in waste, but above all protection against potential external contamination," De Lucia concludes.

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