Tooty is a brand for high-quality French products. It was launched in 1998, making it the oldest of the Aarsten brands.

"This week, we proudly celebrate Tooty's 25th anniversary," says this Dutch company's Aart Bezemer. "This milestone reflects our longstanding commitment to quality and authenticity. France has been an essential importing country for Aartsen for many years, and Tooty exemplifies the best that beautiful country has to offer."

"Whether it's vacuum-packed beets, juicy kiwis, sweet chestnuts, crispy apples, fancy apricots, or much more, we proudly offer our entire French assortment under the Tooty label. Over the years, it has become a trusted brand for greengrocers and wholesalers in the Benelux," explains Aart.

"The iconic Tooty elephant has been a recognizable trade symbol for many years. It has even made its mark in the Far East, where the brand is associated with animals deeply rooted in culture. The 'Elephant box' is known as a quality guarantee there."

"Aartsen will be celebrating Tooty's silver anniversary all week. As a token of appreciation for our valued customers' confidence, we're treating them to delicious petit fours when they visit—a tasty treat to thank them for sharing this 25-year journey. We're extremely proud of Tooty and happily toast French quality. Vive La France," concludes Aart.

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