TOMRA Food is a world leader in the manufacture of optical sorting and calibration machines for the food sector. In the citrus sector, TOMRA solutions are already being used in the US, Europe, Australia, South Africa, North Africa, South America, and Asia.

There are three TOMRA solutions that are ideal for citrus fruits: the Spectrim sorter and calibrator, a pioneer in calibration and spot detection systems; Inspectra², a non-invasive solution for internal calibration; and the TOMRA 5S Advanced, the most advanced fruit sorting platform in the industry.

Spectrim is the world's most powerful fresh produce calibration platform, featuring uniform lighting, powerful imaging, two infrared waves, and machine learning. It classifies and calibrates small and large defects, including surface imperfections, insect damage, irregularly shaped fruits, scratches, and abrasions. In addition, it can detect product defects that are difficult to see, including clear citrus rot.

The Inspectra² internal defect calibration platform uses a near-infrared spectrometer, which detects the fruit's Brix degree and offers citrus producers and packers other important relevant information about the fruit's properties. These screening options help control and ensure consistent product quality, allowing producers to adjust their way of working to optimize product quality.

The TOMRA 5S Advanced sorting platform is the system that handles the product in the most careful way within the industry. In addition, it's very easy to clean and maintain. The machine's specialized software has programs for the mixing of elements, the optimization of the packaging process, and production control, ensuring the efficiency of the line.

Another innovative technical solution is the TOMRA Insight cloud-based data platform, which turns the sorting machines into the sorting and packaging operations' digital epicenter. Machine operators can easily and quickly respond to the data they obtain in real-time, improving their decision-making and the line's efficiency.

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