With advanced electronics, the new line consists of smarter, more interactive machines that can be automatically controlled and customized to the product through sophisticated in-house software. It also takes up less space in the packaging room.

"Products like small fruits or mushrooms," TopControl explains, "are harvested in fields or polytunnels and placed in trays. They are then weighed on the packing line, packed, labeled, and shipped. TopControl has developed IPS small, a time-saving system that optimizes weight and, ideally, quality control. Each pack is transferred to the line at the infeed station, followed by a check weigher that checks the weight of the packs as they come in. Parcels that already have the correct weight simply go to the next station, while those that are underweight or overweight are sent to the second level, where they can be reviewed by the operator on an intuitive scale with LED display."

The check weighing tables have been designed to optimize operator ergonomics. Together with a new lighting system, they ensure excellent control of the raw material. "Checking and weighing are done in a single step, quickly and intuitively. The operator is able to handle up to 20 packs per minute. Compared to traditional lines, this is a huge time-saving. It also helps to reduce waste. The precision of the scales, combined with the easy-to-read LED display that is built into the table, allows the operators to work quickly and accurately."

In the final stage, the packages are sealed, weighed, and labeled by the TopControl labeling machine, which is extremely accurate and fast.

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