This is the fifth year Swift International is selling and distributing its FrostFans mobile wind machines. "Sales have shown an upward trend over the past four years. We've already sold many machines for delivery in early 2024. They'll be used on renowned farms," Ernst Slabbekoorn says enthusiastically.

"Plenty of crops grow in areas across Europe with little or no water availability, and that's expected to be further restricted soon. Many fruits don't tolerate excessive water well in the run-up/flowering period. Winters seem to be getting increasingly shorter, and spring starts earlier and is, thus, longer and also often drier. That increases the probability and frequency of night frosts."

"There are quite a few initiatives in Europe that make buying and using our machines even easier, often in the context of sustainable, future-oriented cultivation. Some initiatives make purchasing machinery fiscally attractive. If you're in that position, writing off up to 50% in one go is very attractive," Ernst continues.

"The national and international regulations only benefit us but aren't always easy given our quite long lead time from ordering to delivery. Some producers calculate that losing 50% of your yield can cost you between €8,000 and €15,000 per ha per year. We've seen plenty of good results regarding pears' skin quality/size and shape, too."

"Generally, that all leads to a sustainable crop with well-balanced annual kg, quality, and financial yields. To be sure you can deploy our machinery in time for spring 2024, contact us soon via the email below," Ernst concludes.

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