In a recent study published in the Nutrients Journal, researchers investigated whether strawberry supplementation mitigates the risk for late-life dementia in middle-aged people. In the study, researchers investigated the effects of a 12-week strawberry supplement regimen on neurocognitive and mood measures and anthropometric and metabolic parameters of obese middle-aged men and women with mild cognitive deficits.

The pilot trial sample comprised 5 males and 25 females, with the placebo and strawberry groups comprising 5 males, 10 females and 10 females (only), respectively. Except for average fasting glucose levels, which were lower in the strawberry-treated group, both groups showed comparable anthropometric and metabolic measures before administering intervention.

The strawberry-treated group exhibited lower depressive symptoms and mood disturbances, suggesting improved emotional coping capability and lowered stress levels. It also reflected significant improvements in their executive abilities, i.e., enhanced ability to manage everyday activities and social relationships.