“Each year and every mango season is different, so we have to be always ready to face all the challenges coming. The evolution of world markets is constant, recent events and global news that impact all economies give us the opportunity to evolve and look at all the areas of opportunity that we have as a company, motivating us to bet on innovation in our processes and products,” says Isabel Arámburo, Commercial director of the Mexican mango grower and exporter Rodeo Fruit.

“We know that, despite the fact that the European market in particular has greater preferences for a ‘ready to eat’ product, this is led by maritime mangoes, this is why this year we decided to radically change our process and handling of the fruit, making quite specialized presentations that together with the good knowledge we have of logistics in our country and taking only the best options, we have been able to offer a unique and quite competitive product,” states Arámburo.

Rodeo Fruit is a Mexican company with more than 35 years of experience as producers, packers and exporter of fresh mangoes. They specialise in Kent variety and only Gourmet quality by air. During the mango season from April to August, the Rodeo family grows and become a team of about 306 people. They are located in the southern part of the state of Sinaloa in Mexico, with two packing houses, a processing facility and a sales office.

“Rodeo Fruit has more than 500 hectares of mangoes and a production per campaign of up to 1,300 tons. Our operation moves according to the times of each production area, we start in April and May in the state of Michoacan with Haden and Kent variety mangoes, later we continue with Nayarit area, then southern Sinaloa where the largest production of Kent is, in which we finish the last week of July to continue with the production of other states in the north of the country,” explains Arámburo.

Global mango exporter
The company are global mango exporters to several world markets. “Our brand is present all over the world, however our main market is Europe, particularly France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, among others. In addition, we have commercial partners that year after year make our presentations known in Japan, the Middle East, Canada, Greece, etc. Something that we always look for in Rodeo, is to commit ourselves to give our best, so the importers and the final consumer always receive the best from Mexico, top quality, in optimal time and at an affordable cost,” states Arámburo.

She concludes by saying that the rapidly changing world requires them as a business to be more adaptable. “I believe that we can still further adjust to this market and continue to improve our product under the strategy of higher quality at lower cost. This is completely possible to do, we continue to work on it this and the next campaigns, not only with mangoes, but with all the products that complement our catalogue.”

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