For the first time in the country's history, Bangladesh has started exporting fruits using reefer containers. Earlier, only potatoes were exported by sea packed into containers. Usually, fruits and vegetables - like mangoes- are exported by air.

However, on 17 March, watermelons and tomatoes were exported to Malaysia by ship. Abdul Kaium, owner of export firm Sattar International, said 13.32 tons of watermelon and 700 tons of tomato were shipped in a container to Malaysia. From the watermelons alone, the exporter will fetch US$4,000 in this shipment.

He noted that a significant volume of watermelons is being produced in Bangladesh and if the waterway shipment of watermelon is found to be successful, the country will be able to earn huge amounts of foreign currency by exporting fruits like watermelon, lychee, banana and jackfruit, which are being produced in Bangladesh plenty.