Operation managers and technical teams visiting Clarifruit’s booth at Fruit Logistica in Berlin (2023) experienced a live demo of the automatic defect detection technology. The world’s first AI-powered quality control (QC) software has been showcasing the speed and precision of defect detection along with the benefits of time saving and shareable data.

“They were very impressed when they realised the system solves their problems by enhancing productivity of the inspection processes and reducing subjectivity of current human inspectors, as well as instant awareness from anyone in their organisation worldwide,” says Elad Mardix, CEO of Clarifruit.

QC available on mobile and webapp
“Given the inflationary environment the market has operated in during the last nine months, we are seeing increasing pressure from retailers and other buyers towards key suppliers to reduce waste and enhance revenue opportunities. Manual, subjective, and inefficient quality processes can’t deliver the objective data needed to supply consistent quality fresh produce across various regions. It presents an opportunity for Clarifruit to consolidate quality control processes on a single cloud-based platform that standardises the quality processes globally. The platform offers a much more objective QC, leading to consistent fresh produce quality,” says Mardix.

Clarifruit’s quality control software has a reporting feature that can provide a comparison report that helps in shipping the right product to the right customer, which helps reduce rejections and waste while optimising revenue opportunities between partners. This feature was well received by the event attendees in sales and leadership teams, as they don’t always have the visibility into these metrics that they would like at the time they need them.

They were even more impressed with a live system demo from the mobile app and webapp. Visitors got to try the software first hand on different devices. They were able to see the data correlating live on both the iPhone and iPad. The audience commented on how easy and accessible the system was to use.

Clarifruit also discussed their latest features: 

Supplier performance evaluation
Advanced reports with granular data on supplier performance. Export this data using an API or Excel to dissect the information using external business intelligence tools.

Advanced filter capabilities
Create reports with custom filters. It results in QC managers seeing the data they need when they need it most. The reports can be sent on-demand or scheduled at regular intervals.

Four types of inspections
Analyse produce according to specific use cases by utilising simple, batch, container, or overtime inspections.

“Our booth generated lots of traffic and the attendees showed tremendous interest about the latest QC capabilities that Clarifruit showcased,” concludes Mardix.

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