On January 4th, Beijing time, the refrigerated cargo ship Regal Bay, loaded with more than 4,300 tons of cherries, arrived at Shanghai Nangang Port successfully.

This batch of cherries was the first time in the fruit industry that the entire ship has been refrigerated and transported to China in the mode of independent chartering by an enterprise. As the exclusive company for this charter, Joy Wing Mau cooperated closely with the world's most advanced logistics service provider, China Eastern Airlines Logistics, to jointly explore a new model of international trade, and successfully complete the mission of the first voyage.

Joy Wing Mau Group’s first exclusive charter ship of Chilean cherries arrives

The chartered ship adopts the method of centralized procurement and transportation, through the customized route of "Chile to China", which greatly shortens the shipping time. During the transportation process, thanks to the good refrigeration and temperature control conditions of the ship, the constant temperature refrigeration throughout the whole process ensure the freshness of the cherries. After the cherries arrive, the whole container is directly transferred to the stores to realize the "seamless connection" from the place of origin to the stores, and the crispness, sweetness and freshness of the cherries are preserved to the maximum extent.

The smooth arrival of the independent chartered ship fully reflects Joy Wing Mau's industry-leading operation capability in the entire industrial chain. In order to ensure smooth progress, Joy Wing Mau works closely with each link from the operations at the origin, loading, transportation, and distribution. After arriving, the batch of cherries is shipped directly to stores and warehouses and will be sold at Sam, JD.com, Ole, Space, AEON and other channels.

Joy Wing Mau Group’s first exclusive chartered shipment of Chilean cherries arrives in China

It is worth mentioning that about 10% of the first batch of Chilean cherries arriving are Joyvio cherries, with an average Brix of more than 17 and a hardness of more than 70P. 80% of the Joyvio cherries are above JJ level in terms of size. As a strategic cooperation fruit brand of China Aerospace, Joyvio cherries meet the demand for high-end and exquisite gifts in the Chinese New Year market with top quality.

Christian Carvajal, Eurasian Marketing Director of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association, said: "Joy Wing Mau's first independent chartered ship to transport cherries to China is a new attempt by the company to stimulate fruit trade between China and Chile."

In order to continue to meet the market's demand for fresh and high-quality cherries, in addition to independent chartering, Joy Wing Mau also cooperates with Eastern Airlines Logistics to innovatively use its "sea-air combined transport", using a combination of "chartered ships + chartered flights" to keep the transportation price and timeliness in a dynamic balance. Its joint sea-air transport project with Eastern Airlines Logistics departed from Chile on December 25. After arriving in the United States, it will take a flight to arrive in China before the Chinese New Year.

In recent years, Joy Wing Mau has cooperated with upstream and downstream partners, together with the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association, logistics service providers, port customs, and channel partners, to continuously innovate business models and launch a variety of efficient transportation such as charter flights, direct sea transportation, and sea-air combined transportation.

Source: Joy Wing Mau