Mahesh Mundhe, Joint Secretary of the Fruit and Vegetable Merchant Association stated that the supply of strawberries was poor during October. Now the temperature in the strawberry growing areas has also dipped and the seasonal fruit is getting ready to be plucked.

This means that, after a delay of some three weeks, the supply of strawberries at the wholesale market has started in large numbers. The prices of strawberries at the APMC Vashi range from Rs 150-200 per kg; at the retail market, strawberries are being sold at Rs 220-350 per kg.

“The APMC market is receiving strawberries from places such as Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani. They are known for harvesting the finest quality of strawberries,” said Mundhe. “At present, a crate of strawberries contains 22 boxes. The wholesale rate of strawberries is estimated to be Rs 250 to Rs 180. While the rate for the general public is Rs 50 to Rs 100 for a single box, depending on the quality.”

“We can expect more arrivals by the end of December,” said a trader. The APMC market receives strawberries from Mahabaleshwar, Nashik, Pune and Karnataka.

[ Rs 100 = €1.20 ]