Sembikiya can be defined as the most expensive fruit shop in the world. It is located in Tokyo, Japan and Tommaso Rossi, who lives and works in the capital, has shot a video inside it (click here to watch it). The store has been open since the late 1800s.  

"I find myself in one of the most expensive places in Japan, which can be defined as the temple of expensive fruit." Japan has the cult of perfect fruit of the highest quality, which is given as a gift for special occasions or events. The Japanese appreciate these gifts precisely because they cost a lot. They have a desire, a need, and turn it into something perfect.

The displays of fruit shot by Rossi leave no room for doubt: the video starts with a packet of grapes, 18 single grapes in a dedicated packaging sold at the price of 4800 yen, i.e. approximately €30.

Luxury fruit continues with a pear sold at €12, 10 tangerines at €22 and a bunch of grapes at €52. Persimmons are 'cheaper' at €18. 

"Melons are actually cult objects in Japan. Here we have some sold at €100-200 each."

Fruit juices are very original and are bottled as spumante wine is bottled in Europe. Three bottles cost around €60.

Tommaso Rossi comes from the Arezzo province and is a point of reference for those wanting to travel to Japan. His YouTube channel counts over 151 thousand subscribers and his Facebook page counts over 227 thousand followers.