The largest asset-based transportation company in Europe, Girteka, to open the largest transportation base in company’s history. The new base, located in Poland, will be the second transport base of the company in Poland enabling Girteka to better serve its clients’. To support the new plant with more than 2,000 trucks already based there, next year the company is looking to recruit more than 5,000 new employees, mostly new drivers, but also transport technicians as well as administrative staff especially finance and personnel professionals. In five years, the company plans to invest at least five million euros to equip and maintain the new base.

“It is a great pleasure to open a new, modern transport base that will contribute to becoming the obvious first choice for our clients as well as for our employees since the new base will enable us with a strong additional force to provide our service. In addition, the new transport base will also allow us to cut carbon emissions of ours and contribute to road safety since in a long run we will cut “empty kilometres” significantly”, – says Mindaugas Paulauskas, CEO at Girteka Transport.

By opening the new transport base, Girteka celebrates having 2,000 trucks registered in Poland. Therefore, the company is actively recruiting to achieve the ambitious goal to have more than 8,000 drivers at the base by the end of the year 2022. No less important, the company is hiring transport technicians of various experience and expertise planning to have the base equipped with at least 450 such people. The company says various administrative staff, personnel and finance specialists especially are also much necessary.

“We are looking forward to create a large number of new workplaces providing probably the best working conditions possible. The newest fleet equipped with the latest technologies to secure both safety on roads as well as driver’s comfort allows our company to take lead in transportation market. And we are proud to say approximately four out of five drivers recommend Girteka as an employer to their friends. No doubt we are also looking for a number of transport service professionals inviting them to come work together with their families since the new base will also have a separate administrative unit of at least two hundred people”, – adds M. Paulauskas.

According to Girteka, from the very beginning drivers as well as all other staff will be able to use services of a separate bank, hairdresser, medical office, showers, and other.

The new transport base by Girteka will be located in Poland, Poznańska road, in the building complex which was originally built to make new buses by MAN company meaning it is already well suited to provide technical support for trailers and trucks by Girteka. It is 17 times larger than the other transportation base of Girteka also located in Poland, Poznan, and also larger in size and its capabilities in comparison to other transportation bases of Girteka operating in Šiauliai and Vilnius in Lithuania and Smolensk, in Russia.

Just recently Girteka has announced its ambitious plans to become one of the top ten largest logistics companies in Europe until 2026 by doubling its sales revenue as well as investing in quality – creating the best working experience for its employees, sustainable processes, digitalization and other to be in line with the top of the industry. Opening of the new transport base is one of the first steps towards achieving this goal.

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