The Spanish Verna lemon campaign is now coming to an end with prices at origin ranging from €0.20 to €0.40 per kilo, depending on quality and size. The demand remains calm, just like that of grapefruit, according to Ailimpo.

The southern hemisphere lemon season is already underway in Europe and the supply is now starting to become noticeable. For now, Argentinian lemon volumes in the EU markets continue to be low. As a result of the increase in the number of black spot interceptions in European ports last year, Argentinian exporters are being more cautious. Moreover, this year's weather conditions have not been ideal for the growth of their lemons.

However, this is being offset by a sharp increase in containerized lemon exports from South Africa, which continues to increase its market share in the European Union.

In this context, the Spanish Verna lemons that still deliver good quality and good commercial sizes are sought after and appreciated, according to Ailimpo. It should be recalled that, overall, the rains this spring have caused fruit sizes to increase remarkably.

Reduced grapefruit supply and abundance of small sizes
The arrival in Europe of grapefruit shipments from South Africa continues to slow down. Also, there's a significant lack of consistency in the quality of the batches and the share of the small sizes continues to be overwhelming.

In the wholesale market, the pace of sales remains slow. As a result, stocks are abundant, especially that of small grapefruits (50-55), which are not as popular in the retail trade.

In this context, the demand remains calm, as most supermarkets are currently more focused on the sale of summer fruits.


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