The new garlic production season is in full swing in China. Specialists follow all the developments closely, from the beginning of the production season until the end of the sales season. The current price of cold storage garlic is quite high. The market price is much higher than expected. As for export, the volume of overseas orders continues to grow. Visiting traders are eager to purchase garlic and this further stimulates Chinese garlic export.


"The garlic market is growing stronger. The price is high in comparison with last summer. That is primarily because the cost price increased, e.g. labor cost, storage cost. However, garlic does have disinfecting qualities and strengthens the immune system, which is why consumer demand is currently growing. Garlic is also an essential ingredient in the Chinese kitchen, so demand from restaurants and canteens is always strong. That is why the Covid-19 pandemic did not reduce garlic sales, but instead created more demand from overseas markets." This is according to Ms. Chen of Jining Fenduni Foodstuff Co., Ltd.


The export price of garlic was quite stable before the new production season began. These conditions continued for some time, until two weeks ago. Then the price suddenly began to rise. The product quality of Chinese garlic is high and the price is generally low in comparison with garlic from other countries. Overseas demand for Chinese garlic remains strong. That is why specialists expect the price to continue to rise in the near future.


"We export our garlic to a large number of countries. Our largest export market is Africa, followed by South America and South Asia. Many European countries have just begun or are about to implement a second lockdown, but we do not think this will have an impact on Chinese garlic export," said Ms. Chen.

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