Jupiter Group are among the first in season to start with Valencia’s due to the prime location of their orange trees on farm in South Africa. Valencia oranges are typically large and juicy fruits with great flavour.

"Our earliest harvesting varieties, of Benny and Turkey Valencia’s have an impressive colouration and juicy flesh that is housed under a thinner skin, making it somewhat easier to peel than other traditional varieties," said Head of citrus procurement, Kenny MacLeod.

"Our expert fruit pickers ensure that Jupiter oranges are harvested at the optimum time, allowing for the naturally developed sweetness to hit the perfect level before making their way to supermarket shelves.

"Our premium Valencia oranges, the Midknight variety have a strong flavour often referred to as ‘tart and tangy’, which provides the perfect orange juice to drink. Equally adept to functioning as a snack, the average Midknight Valencia orange can provide a huge 116% of your recommended daily intake of vitamin C, helping with the healthy function of your immune system."

South African grown
Jupiter’s geographical spread across South Africa allows them to pack Valencia oranges at the same time as Navels, meaning they can cater to the specific needs of a market globally.

The growing region and climate are all beneficial to producing typically ‘heavier’ fruit which means a larger juice ratio. The balance of tart flavour and sweetness makes for an exceptional and healthy juice packed with essential antioxidants.

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