The Goji berries in Zhongning, Ningxia, generally begin to ripen in the middle of June. This year, however, the harvest season already began in early June. The export season usually begins in the middle of September. The weather conditions in Ningxia are ideal this year. The high temperatures benefit Goji berry growth.

Ningxia Baishi Hengxing Food Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a Zhongning-based company specialized in Goji berry plantation and export. Manager Guo, a spokesperson for the company, recently talked about current conditions in the Goji berry market:

"Our Goji berry sales were also affected by the outbreak of Covid-19 in February and March. Even in the period between March and May, while the domestic market gradually recovered, Covid-19 spread across the globe. Overseas markets were affected by this pandemic and our export volume was much lower than in previous years. Only in May did the market conditions slowly improve. The asking price and the order volume are now steadily rising."

"When Covid-19 first spread throughout China, we made some market predictions to avoid unmarketable conditions for the Goji berries in our warehouses. We lowered the price to promote sales. Market supply of Goji berries from storage is currently running low. The smallest Goji berries are already sold out. Now that the volume in storage is falling, the price is gradually rising again," explained manager Guo.

"Overseas market demand has also grown stronger in the last few weeks. US-standard red Goji berries currently sell for 7-9 USD per kg, while EU-standard Goji berries cost 8-11 USD per kg."

Ningxia Baishi Hengxing Food Science and Technology mainly exports Goji berries to the European Union, North America, Australia, and Japan. The Goji berry is praised as a 'super food', because the nutritional value of this berry is extremely high. A growing number of consumers in overseas markets have become familiar with the Goji berry in the last few years. As for product quality, the Goji berries from Ningxia are full, the fruit flesh is plump, and the sugar content is high. Overseas consumers love this Goji berry," said manager Guo.

"North American market demand for Goji berries has been quite stable in the last few years. In Europe, however, the authorities have raised the standards for inspection and quarantine control of Goji berries, which has made Chinese export of this berry much more difficult. In Japan there is a soaring demand for black Goji berries, which is why we have expanded our production and sales of black Goji berries."

"A growing number of Chinese companies have entered the Goji berry industry. Competition in the Chinese Goji berry market greatly increased as a result of this development. It is increasingly difficult to stand out in this chaotic market. I think the first step is to guarantee the highest product quality," explained manager Guo. Ningxia Baishi Hengxing Food Science and Technology processes Goji berries in accordance with GMP standards. The company holds organic, BRC, HACCP, QS, and FDA certificates.

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