“As winter arrives in China, our Thai aromatic coconut export business is in low season from this month onwards, especially in northern China, where sales have fallen sharply. The low season is expected to last through to January of the coming year,” said Gao, Senior Manager of AEC & TBK Fruit Industry talking about the recent coconut market.

Coconuts handled by AEC & TBK are divided into two grades: large sizes (900-1100g) and small sizes (700-900g), sold at the same price. Currently, the CIF price to China is 70 yuan/box (9 counts). "Most of the products we deliver to supermarket chains are large sizes. For e-commerce platforms, as products lighter than 3 kg can reduce the delivery cost, many sellers are inclined to purchase smaller sizes, and some sellers even explicitly require the fruit to be lighter than 900g. "

"Our plant is located in Tannen Saduo County in central Thailand, a key production area of ​​Thai aromatic coconuts. There is a flat tidal area formed by the Mekong River entering the sea, where freshwater is mixed with seawater and rich in nutrients, and the soil is black and fertile. In addition, this area enjoys a unique climate near the equator. These factors have made this area a paradise for aromatic coconuts. Aromatic coconut is a protected variety in Thailand, which is richer in juice and creamier in flavor compared with common coconuts on the market. Young coconuts can be produced every 26 days, and products can be supplied throughout the year. Our annual production is about 10,000 containers, and products are mostly supplied to large Chinese fruit supermarket chains, wholesale markets, and e-commerce platforms. The monthly processing capacity of our plant is about 45- 50 containers,” the manager said.

"Apart from China, the Middle East, which has a tradition of eating coconuts, is also our main sales market. In addition, over recent years, coconut water has gradually gained traction in Europe and the United States. Coconut water has no additives and is natural and healthy, attracting more and more appreciation from customers.

"When talking about the competitive advantages of Thai coconuts in the international market, Gao said," Thailand's climate is very suitable for coconuts. Because of the large yearly production and excellent quality, the product has a strong competitive edge in the international market."

In addition to aromatic coconuts, AEC & TBK's also offers fruits include durians, longans, young coconuts, rambutans, mangosteens, and other Southeast Asian specialties.

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