In its 2016-2017 harvest season forecast report, the Rural Development Institute (IDR) stated that it expects a 51% average drop in the production of pears, peaches, and plums for the industry, when compared to the previous season.

The report indicates that "the estimated total production for these species is 170,761 tons and the estimates for this season for all of them are lower than their estimates in the previous season, as a result of the severe frosts that affected the crops during their flowering and fruit set across the province."

Furthermore, the report indicates that the full flowering of all the varieties monitored was about 20 days earlier than in the previous season.

Even though the report didn't make a forecast by production area, the plum industry is expected to have a drop of almost 70%, which will have a major impact on employment in San Rafael and Alvear, where the bulk of the sector is concentrated.

The peaches for processing are expected to decline by 44% at the provincial level. However, according to the IDR, "the estimated offer and the in-factory stock of this fruit amounts to the demand expected. Therefore, we expect there will be good prices that will ensure the production will be profitable."