Peru’s avocado target markets have expanded over the past five years. Peru has passed from exporting avocado to 20 countries in 2010 to 29 countries this year. As in previous years, the main markets are the United States ($125.5 million dollars), the Netherlands ($97.8 million) and Spain ($48.7 million dollars). 2014 marks the beginning of exports to China (October this year) with fairly moderate shipments. However, expectations are that shipments will grow in the coming months since the respective sanitary protocol was approved. The avocado entering this market is the Hass avocado.

Japan is another new market. There were very modest shipments to this country in previous years. This year, the value of exports to this country amounted to $195,000, making it rank as the 12th destination market for Peruvian avocado. Peru ships frozen avocados to this Asian country.

Avocado exports recorded a steady growth in the last five years. Peru increased its exports from $85 million dollars in 2010 to 307.3 million dollars so far in 2014.

Source: Proexpansión