A long running German research has shown that the right food composition promotes the mobility of seniors, reports the German newspaper 'Die Welt' on its website. The best thing to do is to eat brightly colour fruits and vegetables five times per day, a new German health service, which informs people about healthy food at high ages, advises. The basis of this brochure is formed by scientific research,

"Only a quarter of how we age is defined by genes," says Ulrike Dapp of the geriatric clinic Albertinen-Haus, who made the brochure together with doctor Jennifer Anders. What we eat in old age has a direct influence on quality of life and mobility, reads the final conclusion. In a clear and easy to understand way the folder explains the ABC of sensible eating. A is for aroma and alternation, or choosing brightly coloured fruits and vegetables that can be eaten five times a day. B is for protein building block, which form muscles and are extremely important in the second half of life. C is for calories in grain products and fats that should only be on seniors' plates in moderation.

The brochure is mainly focussed on people over 60 who want to become healthier and take care of themselves. Important information on how to attain this is given.