China produces 70% of all the cucumbers in the world. According to data from the FAOSTAT, the statistical agency of the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), China produced 73.7 percent of 65,134.07 million kilos that were produced in the world in 2012, the last year for which said office has worldwide data available, in 2,109,624 hectares. 

China ranks as the first producer of cucumbers with 48,000 million kilos, and 1,150,000 hectares devoted to this vegetable. Turkey ranks second with 1,741,880,000 kilos and 63,000 hectares, followed by Iran with 1,600 million kilos of cucumber and 70,000 hectares. Spain ranks seventh worldwide, with 713.2 million kilos produced in about 14,000 hectares. The Netherlands appears in fifteenth place with 410 million kilos in 622 hectares. The Netherlands has been progressively reducing the area planted with cucumbers since 1963, but increasing its production. In that year the country had a planted area of 3,399 hectares and its production amounted to 189.97 million kilos, with a yield of 5.59 kilos per square meter. In 2012 its yields amounted to 65.92 kilos per square meter.

The Netherlands has the best yields of the 20 largest producers with 65.92 kilos per square meter. The second place is occupied by Germany with 8.28 kilos per square meter, followed by South Korea with 6.91 kilos per square meter, Spain with 5.09 kilos and Japan with 5.06 kilos per square meter. According to the FAO, Palestine should rank second in terms of performance with 10 kilos per square meter, but they aren't taken into account because of its political situation.

Only Almeria beats the Netherlands, so it could be included among the 15 largest producers of cucumbers, as it produced 414.15 million kilos of cucumber over 4,839 hectares, with yields of 8.56 kilos per square meter, in the 2013/2014 campaign.

Source: Hortoinfo