Last week, the first organically grown Greek kiwis arrived at Fairtrasa Holland. "Just as in previous years, they look and taste fantastic again. Greece suits the Fairtrasa philosophy perfectly," says Peter Abma. "We often deal with smaller growers, who really need the export to be able to get suitable prices for their products."

The many years of cooperation Peter has established with these growers' cooperatives, since he started importing organically grown Greek fruit in 2009, is now starting to bear fruit, both literally and figuratively. "Where we got only a few pallets to the Netherlands at first, we are now talking about full trucks. Purely because the customers have come to appreciate the Greek produce. A large restaurant chain in the Netherlands opts for our Greek kiwis for a reason, purely because of the flavour."

This season, most of the kiwis are coming in under the Fairtrasa label. Fairtrasa aims to give growers who live in poverty a dignified existence. Fairtrasa does this by working together with locals, and jointly educating growers and uniting the smaller growers in a cooperative, with the eventual goal of independently growing, sorting, packing and exporting to the well-paying European or American market. All products are cultivated organically.

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