"Although Chile left us more room by ending their season one month early, Greece is now supplying those markets wanting to buy at low prices. We must not worry and we must defend our product, as our fruit this year is of excellent quality," explains Giovanni Gullino (in the photo), general and purchase manager for Gullino.

"Most of our produce comes from Latina, and we started harvesting on 3rd November 2014, though a lot of produce also comes from Piedmont."

Destination markets
"There are no markets more promising than others but rather clients that require Italian produce that is certified and of high-quality." According to Gullino, if a British supermarket chain prefers buying from another country at lower prices, there will be another chain that will continue buying produce from Italy anyway."

"The fact that the Euro is now weaker against the Dollar is favouring us and quotations overseas are now stable. In addition, we have inherited satisfactory prices from New Zealand, why would we want to change things?"

"China is a big kiwi consumer and we are very interested in it, but we will get to know the market better over the next two years."

The varieties
"All golden varieties are more profitable at the moment, but we will have to see if this has continued 10 years down the line. Hayward remains at the top as it is easier to manage both out in the field and in the warehouse. It is also very resistant."

"This year I will count on the excellent quality of the fruit, the result of careful monitoring and constant sampling," concludes Gullino.

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