Nova Fruit was founded in August 2011 by Jaap van Dijk. Their focus was on the export of fruits and vegetables in Europe. "When we started we had two employees who unfortunately began their own business within six months of starting with us, and whose new businesses created a big challenge for Nova Fruit," says Jaap. "After this, I continued on by myself but when a competitive company knows the 'ins and outs' of your company it becomes very difficult to be successful. The years following this were very difficult for Nova Fruit."

"The turnover and results were not bad, but they were not enough to cover the costs I was making. Partly due to the initial high investment, the contract with ABN Amro CF and internal setbacks it became too hard to keep Nova Fruit going. There had to be some growth, and there just wasn't enough. No improvements have occurred over the years. Unfortunately, I have to shut down Nova Fruit B.V. The curator will handle all further business. Thank you for everything you have done for Nova Fruit, and for putting your trust in us," says Jaap.