The strawberry season is almost over at CLTVT Zundert. Ralph Bogers tells that they offer small volumes. "It is an dying business. We still have a number of growers, who pick a small quantity of Elsanta. Next week a little will still arrive, but after that it is just about over. For the growers this was a difficult autumn and only in the last two weeks have we received reasonably good prices."

Top prices

He mentions that strawberry prices increased considerably during the last few weeks. "There was a good increase. For the largest about 4.50 per 500 grams is given and for the smaller sizes between 2.75 and 3.00 Euro. The present prices are of course nice, but for the growers this is not really additional income. Growers who are picking have ongoing cultivation. "The taste is still good though, according to Ralph. "We had a dark period and then the plants convert less sugar to fruit. Nevertheless they are still reasonably sweet in comparison."

He does not expect prices still to increase. "I think we have just about reached the top. Tomorrow we still have an auction day and then Monday, 23 December, again.
Then it is in, distribution land, still rather difficult to move this in a proper way. To-day (19/12) between 15 and 20.000 kgs was sold and the volumes decrease. The first or second week of January will be without ongoing cultivation."

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