888 Fruit Company has begun the import of Chinese chestnuts and the first containers have arrived at Cool Control in Maasdijk. "We have worked for more than ten years with Chinese suppliers," explained Nico Schaft. "The European harvest in France, Greece and Portugal is low so we are now starting with the Chinese chestnuts. Chinese chestnuts are available from the beginning of October but we don't like to begin import until the European harvest has cleared."

"There are now just four weeks until Christmas so we are selling at full steam. Demand is particularly good from Southern Europe because of the shortage," said Nico. According to the importer chestnuts are an excellent holiday product. "Especially now that it is getting colder people are buying chestnuts and where Europeans roast them, the Asian population boils them."

An innovation this year is the packaging. "In place of a full pallet with 265 bags, they are now delivered in two half pallets, both with 120 bags. Just like hay, chestnuts can become too warm if not kept cool and if a wholesaler is selling too slowly and the pallet is left standing then the chestnuts can get too warm and spoil. This risk is lowered with the smaller pallets and some wholesalers are happy to be able to order just a half pallet," concluded Nico.

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