German Europlant from Luneberg has over financial year 2012/13, according to estimates, achieved a 'satisfactory result' and turnover has increased. However, in the current financial year, the difficult availability of seed will cause problems, reports German website
Europlant last week reported that the parent company, together with its twelve subsidiaries, over the last financial year ending in June, showed a consolidated turnover of 106.7 million Euro. That is an increase of almost 14% over the previous year.

Europlant Pflanzenzucht GmbH sold in total 200,000 tons of seed, 129,000 of which was to the German market. The current book year 2013/14 according to Europlant director Jörg Renatus has been completely dominated by small potato and a correspondingly tight supply of seed potatoes due to the heavy rainfall and flooding, and then the heat waves and droughts that followed. According to Renatus, the harvest has clearly lagged behind expectation. This has ensured that in Germany there is almost a third less saleable seed hauled than expected.
With the help of her large European network and a large number of contracted growers in other countries, Europlant will, according to the director, be able to meet their orders relatively easily. He is afraid, however, that he may not have availability in some of the different varieties. His greatest concern is that, despite limited supply, he can supply seeds to the trading partners with whom he has worked for years.