The "Feria de la Pina", a pineapple event, was held at Cavicos, a company located in Cotui (Dominican Republic), on 4th-6th October 2013.

Cevicos is leading in the pineapple cultivation sector in the Dominican Republic and in fact it hosted the second edition of the trade fair organised by APROPIC, the association that gathers the most important pineapple producers of the country.

In the photo, the local minister for agriculture, Mr. Luis Ramon Rodriguez, holds some pineapples ready to be exported by Mr. Fabio Giuntili, supplier of the Italian import company ALMA Srl, located in Milan.

This year, the event was dedicated to Dominican president Danilo Medina, supporter of pineapple crop renovation in the country.

During the three days of the "Feria de la Pina", to which the most important Dominican authorities took part together with many visitors, various varieties of pineapple were displayed as well as agro-chemical products and innovative technologies. There were also some conferences and tastings.

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