The United Fresh Produce Association shares the same commitment as the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) to advancing a strong national food safety program to implement the Food Safety and Modernization Act. The industry supported this original legislation to create a strong regulatory framework that would be science-based, commodity-specific and focus on the greatest public health priorities.

Like NASDA, United Fresh has also heard a tremendous number of questions raised regarding the complexity of the proposed rules, and whether some aspects of the regulations would truly enhance public health. In a case such as this with the most profound regulatory overhaul of food safety rules in some 70 years, it’s critical that FDA get this right. United Fresh appreciates that the FDA is engaging all stakeholders in extensive dialogue, and anticipates that the public record at the end of the current public comment period will be extensive. This is clearly a situation appropriate for FDA to study all of those public comments, and then issue a revised proposed rule for comment before issuing a final rule.

The industry incorporates rigorous food safety practices appropriate for specific commodities throughout the produce industry, that are audited today by both government officials and third-party auditors. We look forward to continuing to work with FDA to achieve a strong and appropriate regulatory framework that is protective of public health. After all, the nation’s number one public health nutrition goal is to make half of every plate fruits and vegetables.

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