Freshmax is just about to launch its New Zealand export cherry program. The program includes the superior Lani™, which is an early, large sized red cherry; followed closely by Starletta™, a white flesh cherry that promises a ‘sweet white bite’.

Demand outstrips supply every year, with consumers happy to pay a premium for these superior New Zealand cherries. With both varieties treated with extremely high levels of care and attention, they have earned significant buyer and consumer respect, for both the product and its growers.

Michael Jones has grown cherries for many years in Central Otago in New Zealand, where cherries thrive. Michael has had the foresight to constantly evolve his orchard, replacing old varieties with new, licensed varieties, such as Lani ™ and Starletta™.

“We are extremely happy with the fruit set for this season,” says Tracey Burns, Export Division Manager at Freshmax NZ, “The 2016 forecast is the largest crop to date of Lani™ and Starletta™. We launch our cherry campaign with these leading varieties."

“Fairly soon after Chinese New Year, our customers will get access to another exciting category campaign - our Munch’n Kiwiberry program. Once again this will showcase our diverse range of exclusive, licensed varieties,” concludes Burns.

For more information:

Tracey Burns
Freshmax NZ Ltd
Mobile: +64 21 936 428