California organic grapes are in solid supply right now following a slow start to the season.

“Supplies of grapes are more than adequate. Even though things started off very slow, it’s picked up momentum and is going quite strong as we move into the valley,” says Stephen Paul of Homegrown Organic Farms in Porterville, Ca. “I don’t expect that to change. I think it’s going to continue.”

Paul blames the late start on the weather anomalies that have been happening since the spring. “We had a very very cool early part of spring that carried over until mid-June,” he says. “But it’s the tale of two summers in California. We went from that cool, wet spring into early summer and then right before the 4th of July, summer showed up with a vengeance and we’ve had 31 days of 100 degree plus temperatures. It’s quite extreme what we’re dealing with.”

Expanding varieties
Contending with the heat are a number of new varieties and plantings coming into fruition right now. HGO has partnered with Three Sisters Organic out of Fresno, Ca. which allows it to expand its variety portfolio to include organic Champagne, Flames and green Ivory grapes. “And then we’re going into Timpsons, Magenta, Kelly, etc. It just keeps on going,” he says, adding that along with its premium varieties, HGO also offers traditional favourites such as the organic Natural Thompson.

Meanwhile demand continues to be steady for grapes. “The reds are a bit more sluggish but the greens are strong. Demand does not meet supply but it’s still steady and good,” says Paul.
And falling in line with last year’s pricing are current 2018 prices. “Pricing is competitive because you have more product on the market, pricing is more competitive,” says Paul.

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