Most asparagus in Germany is growing under film. About 95 percent of the asparagus farmers use tarpaulins to protect them from frost, continuous rain or the sun. In March and April, for example, the foil retains more solar energy with its black side, so that the asparagus are growing in a greenhouse-like environment, often ready to be harvested two weeks early. Later, the white side of the foil keeps sunlight away from the asparagus.

Dark film will
store heat from sunlight

But environmentalists criticize the heavy use of film: they mess up the landscape. In Brandenburg, the Nabu Conservation Union fears that breeding grounds and insects are disappearing for birds. And: there is waste. The association of southern German asparagus farmers emphasizes that the film can be used for up to twelve years and can then be recycled into garbage bags. They reduce pesticide use as there are less weeds. Anyone looking for asparagus, grown without the use of foil should go to farmers nearby. Bio asparagus may also be cultivated under foil.

Source: Stiftung Warentest