Last week Lucien de Wit of Luba Fresh visited his partners in Egypt to scope out the situation before the start of the grape season. "The rounds past various production areas gave me a good idea that a good quality product can be expected this season. The bunches of grapes are heavier than last year and the 'berry size' will also be larger. In general a production increase of around 20% is expected," says Lucien.

Lucien de Wit visiting Egypt

Luba Fresh will ship the first grapes around 20-25 May, the red Flame variety and the white Sugraone. Lucien de Wit expects the first containers in the first two weeks of June. "Over the coming week producers will start harvesting small volumes. These will mostly be shipped to Russia as the sugar level is still insufficient for the European market."

Production field of Flame seedless in Egypt 

Lucien de Wit ships his grapes both by sea and by air, depending on the market situation. At the end of May grapes can mostly be supplied. The expectations for the Egyptian season are good, especially as the market for (white) seedless grapes will be relatively low this year. In the coming week a visit to his partners in Sicily is planned, as the harvest of the Victoria and the Black Magic is starting there.

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