“The CA apple programs are in full swing and quality is excellent”, says Tim Madden, Global Fruit’s US Sales Director. “The brand-new CA Rooms our partner Sandher Fruit Packers invested in this year, have paid off with exceptional quality coming out of them. We anticipate excellent quality and volumes well into May, and are excited to see more inroads into the American markets. The CA crop is peaking on sizes 80, 88, and 100s, but there are still promotable volumes in smaller sizes.”

Photo: Ambrosia apples

The Sandher’s Family are Western Canada’s largest Apple growers focusing on Ambrosia, Gala and Honeycrisp. The 100,000 sq ft new packing facility which came online this season features 6 state of the art CA rooms and a new Unitec Apple line, the first in North America. “Unitec was easily our first choice based on our history with the company and their commitment to quality and reliability.” Says Gurtaj Sandher. Sandher Fruit Packers brought the first Unitec Optical cherry sorting line to North America in 2009 and now operate 3 Unitec lines across their packing operations. 

Aside from being British Columbia’s largest apple growers, the Sandher’s are one of Canada’s largest late Cherry producers. “After two unseasonably warm winters we finally have gotten a “traditional winter” and all early indications are that Canadian Cherries will be available deep into August possibly into early September.” commented Andre Bailey, President of Global Fruit. 

Photo: Gala in 5 lb. poly bag

Global Fruit Brokers was established in 2004 and incorporated in 2005. In 2012, we adopted the operating name of Global Fruit as we feel that this is a more accurate depiction of our company. We are not "buy/resell" brokers. We provide Direct Marketing services for the small "boutique" Canadian Orchardists, and our grower's quality shows in every box. With new plantings increasing each year, and 4 packing facilities on board with Unitec with Cherry Vision, and our new Unitec with Apple Vision our volume continues to grow. This year alone, we have about 500,000 cases of our Apple *All Star* varieties (Gala, Ambrosia, Honeycrisp). Our goal is a "perfect pack" every time and a "perfect match" for every market. Global Fruit maintains a membership with Sedex, PMA, and the CFEA. We are very proud of our Grower's commitment to sustainable agricultural practices and only work with Growers who maintain the GlobalG.A.P. and/or CanadaGAP standard and certifications. 

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