The Adora seedless ADORA SEEDLESS® brand grape is one in a series of new proprietary grapes that Sun World continuously develops and brings to market. In Australia, they work with local licensees to grow and market the proprietary grape there. As with all of Sun World's varieties, time and effort has been expended to ensure consumers get quality and consistency, no matter what variety is purchased or where it comes from.
“We believe there's value in competing on a brand level and on a variety level,” said Gordon Robertson of Sun World. “Buying grapes is a high-impulse endeavor, and we want to make sure that consumers go for the Sun World brand every time they see it.”

That requires consumers come away with a positive experience every time they buy and eat Sun World grapes, and that's why it's important that new varieties stand above what's already available in the market. It's also important that those grapes are uniformly marketed in consistent packaging across the world.
“The market has a big desire for black grapes, and the ADORA SEEDLESS® is something that can differentiate itself in the marketplace,” said Robertson. “Size is a big part of the wow factor, and we call the ADORA SEEDLESS® a two-bite grape because it is so big, and that size is backed up by a phenomenal-eating product.”

Australian licensees like Perfection Fresh and Costa Exchange get the benefit of a premium grape that helps them grow their share in the local market, and Sun World gets the benefit of year-round production and the ability to strengthen their brand in both the domestic and global markets.
“Our licensees are experts in the marketplace, and they strengthen our knowledge when we share information,” said Robertson. “Growing permanent crops requires a significant investment of capital, time and resources, and we have a lot of respect for that. When you work together like that and have a common goal, the challenges can be minimized and the opportunities are many.”

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