The Stockton Group, an international crop protection company, has entered into a Distribution Agreement with Agroklinge, a member of the Tecnología Química y Comercio S.A. (TQC Group). TQC is the largest distributor of crop protection inputs in Peru. TQC will be the exclusive distributor of Stockton’s proprietary, Agrow award winning biofungicide, Timorex Gold® for Peru.

TQC is one of the most important distributors of Syngenta in Peru, who signed a distribution agreement in 2013 with Stockton for Timorex Gold® in Mexico.

Timorex Gold® is approved in Peru for the control of Botrytis cinerea in strawberries, powdery mildew in Pepper and Vines, and Black sigatoka in banana. Under this Agreement, TQC will introduce Timorex Gold® into the Peruvian market and will work with Stockton to further expand the registered uses of Timorex Gold®.

“TQC feels very satisfied with the signed agreement with Stockton for Timorex Gold® distribution and we are committed with the development of product in the Peruvian market” said José Valverde, Corporate General Manager of TQC Group. “Timorex Gold will complement our innovation proposal to the agricultural sector”.
Timorex Gold® will complement TQC’s comprehensive fungicide portfolio, providing growers with an effective solution for integrated pest management programs (IPM) and resistance management (IRM) programs, with a product that leaves no residues in the harvested produce.

Timorex Gold® provides growers with more targeted and effective pest management options, reduces stressful conditions that occur during the various stages of infectious diseases in crops and reduces the chemical load. It may be used in tank mixes, in program rotation and as a stand-alone product.

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