The United States is the main market for Dominican avocado. In 2021, the Dominican Republic's avocado exports to the US amounted to 37.46 million dollars, accounting for approximately 48% of the total value of its avocado exports. There is a possibility that Dominican avocado producers can place more fruit in the North American market, taking advantage of the scarcity in the United States as a result of the drop in exports from Mexico, stated Gilberto de los Santos, the technical director of the Dominican Republic's Avocado Cluster.

Gilberto de los Santos said Dominican Republic producers should take advantage of their production times to maintain a constant flow of supply to the US market, as well as to Europe, especially to Spain and France, and to promote the main varieties produced in the country produces, such as the greenskin avocado, the main variety cultivated in the Dominican Republic.

Its export opportunity begins in August when the United States eliminates the assignments it has with producers of the same variant in the Florida area.

"We are expanding the production of the Hass variety because of the great international demand there is for this variety. Though there's been an increase in greenskin," he stated.

According to the director of the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA), Emilio Galván, the Caribbean country has taken steps to develop products for several years to become competitive in the international market.

"There is a very rapid and significant growth in production, especially in the southern part of the country. I can say that producers in the country are enthusiastic about growing avocados. There is a large production niche and a very large plantation to produce in the coming years," the director of the FEDA stated.

In fact, exports have shown significant growth. In 2021, the country exported 56,456 tons of avocado worth 77.9 million, i.e. 15.3% more than the 50,082 tons worth 67.2 million dollars that were exported in 2020. Exports increased by 26.9% over the 61.4 million dollars achieved in 2019, before the pandemic.

They have increased by 133.1% when compared to 2016, only 5 seasons ago