4G and 5G network developments create new opportunities for real-time monitoring

"Industry has growing needs for temperature and humidity data loggers"

With fewer restrictions of pandemic measures in major markets and an increase in trade volume, market demand for temperature and humidity data loggers have increased.

Frigga is a professional real-time temperature monitoring solution provider. At present, the company's real-time temperature data loggers serves customers on five continents around the world, covering various industries such as medicine, food, logistics, and supermarkets.

It is peak blueberry season in Peru, and Frigga is receiving inquiries from many South American merchants. Its sales volume has increased significantly compared with the previous year.

Paddy Pan, CEO of Frigga, says: "This year's blueberry export volume has increased significantly month-on-month. One of our Peruvian customers has seen a significant increase in monthly orders for real-time temperature data loggers since the beginning of this year. In the third quarter, this customer created a new - high - demand of 15,000 units. Judging from customer feedback, many international customers have high requirements for blueberry quality, and the demand is also increasing.”

"We hope to use cost-effective products to meet the demand for temperature monitoring during the blueberry cold chain transportation process, to help customers improve product quality control, and help merchants reduce cargo losses by 20%," Paddy added.

Frigga launches several new products every year. A few months ago, the company officially released two disposable temperature and humidity positioning data loggers , V5D and V5B. At present, customers in China, Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe, America and other countries have started to use these new devices.

Paddy gave a detailed introduction on this: "V5D is a real-time temperature data logger based on 2G network. Although some countries and regions are still using 2G network, 2G network service will gradually decrease or even withdraw. For example, the United States will completely shut down the 2G network at the end of 2022, and will only provide 4G or even 5G network services in the future. Therefore, we have developed V5B for 4G/5G. It is worth mentioning that V5B is 4G/5G, fallback 2G network. That is to say, V5B can be used in both 4G network and 2G network, which is very convenient.”

When talking about the chip shortage and the impact of the pandemic environment on the company's production and sales, Paddy said, "No matter what fluctuations in the chip supply chain, it will not have an adverse impact on us. This is because we have a set of core raw materials for the Backup system which can accurately analyse and predict the market trend of chips, and take various countermeasures in advance. In addition, some important customers have signed annual cooperation plans with us. This cooperation mechanism can ensure a stable supply of raw materials and ensure a stable supply price." Paddy said.

"Our products are sold to more than 100 countries around the world. Judging from this year's sales data, we have a growth rate of more than 50% over the same period. The reasons mainly include the following aspects. First of all, the order volume of existing customers has doubled. The use of cost-effective products can reduce their costs and enhance the confidence of these customers. Secondly, many users who used to maintain a wait-and-see attitude towards real-time temperature data loggers , saw the benefits of others using real-time temperature data loggers , were influenced and began to use them. "

"Recently, the famous Berg Insight released an analysis report on the cold chain and temperature and humidity data logger market. The report mentioned the sales volume of Frigga as one of the leading companies in the cold chain industry. This is an affirmation of our efforts to continuously develop new products, discover the real needs of customers in essence, and provide customers with cost-effective products," Paddy said, "We hope to work together with our partners. Together, we will push the industry towards the IoT era of real-time monitoring. "

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