Guangzhou Fruit Wholesale Market Report - Week 28

Price of imported oranges is slightly lower than last week as Australian citrus fruit enters the Chinese market

Australian oranges and tangerines entered the Guangzhou Fruit Wholesale Market this week. The price of imported oranges and tangerines came down as a result. Among domestic fruit, peaches are selling well.

Australian tangerines

Australian oranges have just entered the Chinese market. Their retail price is around 410 yuan [60.81 USD] per box of 20kg. The retail price was only around 360-370 yuan [53.39-54.88 USD] per box around this time last year, so the price has gone up by 10%.

Some traders pointed out that the delivery volume of Australian oranges is still small, but the product quality is good and there is always a market for top-quality import oranges.

The delivery volume of Australian tangerines is even smaller. And the price of South African oranges came down compared to the last two weeks. The retail price of top-quality South African oranges is around 200 yuan [29.66 USD] per box, which was still around 250 yuan [37.08 USD] per box last week. As for medium-quality South African oranges the price came down from 200 yuan [29.66 USD] per box last week to 150-160 yuan [22.25-23.73 USD] per box this week. The overall price declined by about 20%-25%. Other imported oranges include Egyptian oranges and a small volume of Spanish oranges, as well as the last delivery volumes of US oranges. (Photo right: Australian oranges)

The price of South African grapefruit has recently gone up. The current retail price is around 150-160 yuan [22.25-23.73 USD] per box, while the retail price last week was only around 130-140 yuan [19.28-20.76 USD] per box.

Spanish oranges (left) and South African oranges (right)

The Guangzhou market for import apples is dominated by New Zealand, South Africa, and Chile. In addition to common New Zealand Red Rose apples and Gala apples, there is also a small volume of New Zealand green apples. Traders say that the price and product movement of import apples is stable.

New Zealand green apples

Import apples

Common domestic fruits in Guangzhou market include peaches, plums, 'large lychees' winter jujubes, Shine Muscat grapes, and blueberries.

This is the season of peaches. Common varieties include honey peaches, yellow peaches, and flat peaches. One peach trader explained that product movement is average and dependent on demand. Another peach trader who specializes in Yangshan honey peaches added that product movement and price differed on the basis of production area and brand. The prices range between 70-110 yuan [10.38-16.31 USD] per box. The most expensive ones at 110 yuan [16.31 USD] per box are Yangshan honey peaches from Jiangsu. But when the flavor is right, demand far exceeds supply. Only in the last two weeks did product movement slow down, which may be related to outbreaks of Covid-19 in nearby towns.

Domestic peaches and plums

Yangshan honey peaches

Flat peaches

The most common domestic plums in Guangzhou market are Honey plums and Green Red Crispy plums. The Xinjiang Red Lion plums recently entered the market. The delivery volume is still rather small, but product movement is ideal. The supply volume of domestic blueberries is growing smaller. They mostly come in bunches, but the blueberries in packaging are more delicate. The supply volume of domestic Shine Muscat grapes is still huge, but product movement depends on the brand. There are different quality degrees of Shine Muscat grapes. According to one trader the second- and third-grade grapes sell well because their price quality ratio is the best.

Xinjiang Red Lion plums

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