"Guizhou offers a unique environment for the production of delicate, premium fruits"

Guizhou has a warm and humid climate, and the weather is rarely scorching hot or bitterly cold. Moreover, there is enough rainfall for fruit to grow well. In order to introduce the wide variety of excellent fruit from Guizhou, the city organized the first Guizhou Premium Fruit Exhibition and investment promotion activity at the Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market on the 28th of June.

Xiang Zong of Guizhou Shouyang Company Management Co., Ltd., attended the exhibition in Guangzhou and talked about the wide variety of excellent fruit from Guizhou.

Yuping yellow peaches (left) and Xiuwen kiwi fruit (right)

"The weather conditions and the long history of fruit cultivation make the region ideal for fruit growers. However, the area is full of hills, which make it difficult for farmers to scale up or mechanize their plantations. Instead, farmers focus on small, delicate fruit varieties that require careful management. For example, Guizhou Six Hornet sugar plums or Xiuwen kiwi fruit. These are already well-known brands in the Chinese market."

The fruit peel of Six Hornet sugar plums is a light yellow and green. The fruit flesh is dense and crisp. And the flavor is sweet and fragrant. The main characteristic of this plum is the high sugar content. Another unique Guizhou fruit is the Xiuwen kiwi fruit. The most famous brand of Xiuwen kiwi fruit is 'Seven is not enough'. This brand has selected the unique Guizhou long kiwi fruit, which is long and narrow with starchy fruit flesh and a balanced combination of sweet and sour.

"In addition, Guizhou also grows passion fruit and dragon fruit. While the geographical conditions in Guizhou add to the difficulties that growers face, the unique weather conditions also create excellent flavors of fruit. For example, the production season of Yuping yellow peaches begins in late July or early August. The flavor of these yellow peaches is the sweetest among peaches. The production area is in Yuping Dong Autonomous County in Guizhou, which has been recognized as the 'Chinese hometown of yellow peaches'. Academic studies have shown that Guizhou is one of the origins of the peach tree. Other top-quality Guizhou fruits include blueberries and cherry tomatoes.

Majiang blueberries (left) and Nayong carnelian cherries (right)

"The motto of the Guizhou fruit exhibition is 'Guizhou fruit leaves the mountains'. This motto indicates the journey from fruit plantations in the hills and mountains of Guizhou to markets near the coast and beyond. Guangzhou Jiangnan Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale Market is the foremost fruit collection and distribution center in the country. This wholesale market supplies retailers throughout the country. The choice for Guangzhou Jiangnan Market was made in the hope that this excellent platform would display Guizhou fruit for visitors from the entire country and spread the fame of Guizhou fruit in every market in China. In addition to traditional offline retail channels, e-commerce platforms are also an important sales channel for fruit," said Xiang Zong. "Online trade is a new avenue for fruit retail. Market stalls have enough space to display our fruit, but we intend to set up a live stream every day and reach an even greater audience for Guizhou fruit."

This promotional exhibition of Guizhou fruit is guided by a small group of fruit industry leaders from Guizhou, hosted by the Guizhou Province Fruit Industry Development Committee, and supported by Guizhou Shouyang Company Management Co., Ltd.

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