"We work hard to help visiting traders keep their dragon fruit fresh for longer"

Dragon fruit easily spoils after the harvest, which creates waste. One of the key issues in the industry is how to keep dragon fruit fresh during long distance transport. Shandong AWT Bio-tech is a company specialized in the production and export of fresh-keeping products. Manager Wang, a spokesperson for the company, recently talked about their fresh-keeping solutions for dragon fruit distribution.

Manager Wang first talked about the various segments of the supply chain from production to retail.

"The exact harvesting time is important for the product quality of dragon fruit. Color change is the main indicator for the ripeness of dragon fruit. In general the fruit is ripe enough for the harvest when the color of the peel has completely turned to red. When the dragon fruit becomes too ripe, the leaves will wither and drop. But when the dragon fruit is not ripe enough, then the sugar content is too low and that affects the flavor. We recommend that dragon fruit is harvested when the BRIX level is between 16% and 19%. After the harvest the fruit is processed and cleaned in automatic processing lines to ensure that harmful bacteria and other micro-organisms are completely eliminated."

"Once the dragon fruit is washed and selected, then the fruit is transferred to baskets and quickly transported to cold storage for pre-cooling," explained manager Wang. "It is worth noting that pre-cooling works best at temperatures between 5-8°C for a period of 24 hours. When the pre-cooling process takes too long, then the moisture will evaporate and the leaves will wither."

Dragon fruit is often treated with fresh-keeping solutions during the packing process. "Visiting traders usually add fresh-keeping cards or sachets to the boxes of dragon fruit. Fresh-keeping products lower the breathing process in dragon fruit and delay the aging process, which keeps the leaves from withering and keeps the fruit firm," said manager Wang.

"Fresh-keeping cards or sachets are easy to use. Clients simply add a card or sachet among the dragon fruit before the box is sealed. Using the cards or sachets in combination with fresh-keeping bags will further enhance the effectiveness."

"We advise traders who do not use fresh-keeping products in the fruit boxes to make use of fresh-keeping cans designed specifically for refrigerated containers. These cans release gases that help keep the fruit fresh during transport. Ventilators will help to circulate the gases throughout the container, so that the dragon fruit will properly absorb them."

Shandong AWT Bio-tech has actively researched fresh-keeping solutions for the fruit and vegetable industry for more than 25 years. The company team works hard to develop fresh-keeping technologies for fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Their product series include fresh-keeping cards for flowers, fresh-keeping solutions for apples, and fresh-keeping sachets for grapes. Shandong AWT Bio-tech sells fresh-keeping products in a number of countries, including in South America and Southeast Asia, and the company team is currently looking for strategic partners across the globe."

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