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"Our FYK in-box ethylene ripeners make investments in expensive ripening facilities unnecessary"

The pandemic has negatively affected global trade, and the fresh fruit and vegetable industry in particular faced significant challenges. One key issue is how to keep fruit and vegetable products fresh and ripe at the right time while shipping is often delayed and the pace of product movement is uncertain. Manager Li of Shandong AWT Biotech Co., Ltd. talked about their solution to the problem: FYK ripening sachets.

"Clients have flexible control over the time and place where their products ripen"
"Bananas, mangos, papayas, and avocados often require treatment in post-harvest ripening chambers upon arrival in their destination market. Only after ripening treatment can the fruit be sold. However, fruit retailers in many countries around the globe have no access to ripening chambers and are unable to invest in the construction of necessary ripening facilities. They can only wait until the fruits naturally ripen," explained manager Li.

"In response to this issue, we researched and developed the FYK ripening sachet. The advantage of this ethylene ripener is that every shipping container and fruit box can be turned into a ripening chamber. There is no need for additional air-conditioning. This method can be applied anywhere and anytime."

Manager Li continued to explain the principles on which the ripening sachet is based, "the active element in our FYK ripening stimulant is ethylene gas. Ethylene is a phytohormone that stimulates the combination of protein and RNA in the cells of fruits. This encourages the breathing process, which stimulates the transformation of organic matter, and speeds up the ripening process."

"In-box ripening sachets eliminate the need for investment in expensive ripening chambers"
"FYK ripening stimulants are easy to use. Clients place the appropriate number of small sachets with ripening stimulants in the box or shipping container that holds the fruit. The sachets needs to be soaked prior to placement and the box or shipping container needs to be sealed. A 10kg box of mangos only needs 2 small sachets for 2-3 days to complete the ripening process. And after 3-4 days bananas are ready for the market. The FYK ripeners are easy to use, leave no residue, and do not harm the environment," said manager Li.

"The FYK ripeners are extremely effective for tropical fruits such as bananas, mangos, papayas, and avocados, as well as non-tropical fruits such as apricots. Moreover, there is no need for manual control and inspection of the fruit after the ripening process is completed. The fruit is beautifully matured and maintains natural levels of moisture, flavor, and nutrients. In fact, we have discovered that the product quality improves in this manner. This is precisely because the FYK ripeners follow the natural ripening process but cut down the ripening period, which better maintains product quality."

Shandong AWT Biotech provides fruit suppliers around the world with suitable ripening solutions. "The FYK ethylene sachet is the result of research and development by our own company team. The product meets the national GB 9830-88 standard and has been patented. This is the time of year when bananas and mangos enter the market in large volumes, and we hope to help out even more suppliers with our ripening solutions," said manager Li.

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Manager Li

Shandong AWT Biotech Co., Ltd.

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