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Digital recording devices safeguard product quality of fresh produce during pandemic

Logistics is an industry that supports the national economy. Companies across the globe and their clients are all working hard to improve the efficiency of distribution and lower its cost price. AI and digitalization are the ways to reach these goals. In this age of digital economy, logistical companies have to excel in networked, platform-based technology, but they also need to implement digitized, AI technology. This allows for the visualization of their operations from beginning to end, and increases management control through track & trace ability. But how can companies realize all these goals? Digital recording devices are the answer.

Fresh-key thermometer and hygrometer

Fresh-key thermometer and hygrometer

The use of digital thermometers and hygrometers is not easily ignored in the fresh produce industry. First, strict control over temperature management is vital for the maintenance of product quality. Second, safeguarding the correct temperature and moisture levels in a cold storage shipping container at the time of arrival is key for long-distance overland transport or sea freight of cold or frozen food products.

The solution to any temperature or moisture related problems is a recording device that can be placed inside the container. Upon retrieval such recording devices can easily provide relevant data for the entire transport process from beginning to end. And if something went wrong, then these recording devices can also help to establish whether the fault was with the supplier.

The need for digital recording devices has only become more pressing during this pandemic as import and export industries across the globe suffer significant financial loss. The transport process is longer than usual for a number of reasons that are outside the control of anyone involved. And products more often end up in unforeseen circumstances during transport, such as lockdown measures. Efficient supervision of these products and their environment throughout the transport process has only become more important. The right digital thermometer and hygrometer can help to greatly reduce loss and risk.

Fresh-key thermometer and hygrometer

Manufacturers of digital recording devices are active across the globe because their products are widely applicable and can be frequently used. Current data shows a great disparity in the functionalities of different digital recording devices on the market. Buyers often have a blind spot when it comes to judging functionalities and this often leads to instability among retailers and end-suppliers. But how should buyers select their supplier?

Fresh-key thermometer and hygrometer

Although the development of Chinese digital recording devices began later than most other countries, in terms of functionalities their starting point was more advanced and the speed of development extremely rapid. Relevant data shows that when Chinese digital recording devices first entered the market, they primarily relied on 4G network technology and often had more than one functionality. That set the tone for future development of Chinese digital recording devices.

Of course, the swift development of the Internet-of-Things provided a firm foundation for a quick replacement of old product series with new, more advanced digital recording devices. In the last few years, there has been a vigorous demand for IoT applications. The Chinese economy is currently in a key period for top-quality development and demand for innovative technology remains strong. This has turned China into one of the largest IoT markets in the world. Data from IoT Analytics shows that in terms of IoT connectivity three Chinese companies are leading the global cellular IoT market: China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. They occupy 75% of the global cellular IoT market. This shows the strength of Chinese digital recording devices and the reliability of technological applications and product brands.

Fresh-key thermometer and hygrometer allow users to track data in real time

This huge potential market in China has attracted many people in the last few years. Among these suppliers of digital recording devices is Fresh-key.

Company founder Tina Sun said: "I had years of experience in this industry when I decided to found Fresh-key. The company has not been around for that long yet, but in the few years since we started our operations, we have managed to win the positive opinion of many people in the industry. Fresh-key now occupies a stable share of both domestic and overseas markets. We employ an extremely creative design team to develop our product designs. They have years of experience and are very sensitive to customer demand. Their insightful work allows us to present customers with products that approach perfection."

The Fresh-key online platform "Fresh-IOT" is based on independently designed research and development

Fresh-key primarily supplies surveillance equipment that records temperature, moisture, location, and light. Fresh-key also hosts their own IoT track & trace platform. The company provides IoT monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, and other supply chain industries. In addition to the manufacturing of monitoring equipment, Fresh-key also allows clients to access real-time track & trace information through their independently designed online platform "Fresh-IOT" and mobile app "Fresh-eye".

Through these platforms clients can follow, manage, and share relevant data. The platforms also simplify downloading and uploading documents. In this way Fresh-key facilitates highly efficient cooperation between exporters, transporters, and importers. Fresh-key has single-use, PDF / CSV based thermometers, Bluetooth thermometers, as well as real-time recording devices with sensors that detect temperature, moisture, position, and light. All of these products are researched and designed with customer experience in mind.

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